This is my body, and I can make it do things.

In my mind, I’ve got this eyes wide, brows up, unblinking crazy face. I’ve been wearing it for weeks, right. Just staring out. Wide, up, unblinking eyes, lusting at people running in the rain and the cold while I nursed a stress fracture.

So today I went running. And it felt like running.

A rose is a rose or whatever.

It was heavy breathing, counting steps, keeping time, relaxed face, empty brain, poundy repetition. It was feeling the feeling when both my feet are off the ground and I’m floating, skimming my feet above the pavement. It was pumping my arms and realizing that every muscle was feeling sore and delicious. It was using my body, moving myself in a Christina Aguilera on a vocal run goosebumps kind of way. It was wanting more, I could do this forever, “I just felt like running.”

It was The Filling Station but Running, and yes, I could write a whole damn poem about it.

Other things.

  1. I started two poems recently so wtf. Right? As the Donald would say, “I know words. I’ve got the best words,” and like, isn’t that exactly what we all want?
  2. I have been helping with the most recent cohort of Emory Health Coach students in a to me hilarious but to them helpful and now to me enlightening kind of way. I HAVE NO LIFE ADVICE FOR YOU BUT OH WAIT THAT’S PERFECT CUZ HEALTH COACHING IS LEGIT JUST LIKE, BEING THERE WHILE YOU FIGURE OUT YOUR OWN SHIT. Okay.
  3. Still kinda 2, but the enlightening part is getting my brain wheels turning. Like, you like this, you’re good at it, you’re getting good feedback on it…maybe you could do this with your life and be one of those people that works from home and has time to do all the things she loves and loves her job and what would that even be like?
  4. I’m still on number 2. (HA. Number 2). I spent a lot A LOT of time today looking around at individual health coaches and their websites and programs. Whew.
  5. I could/should probably just scratch the list and write about this weird feeling of perhaps purpose but I’m super uncomfortable with this idea as anything other than an idea right now and you can totally cross things off of lists, so here it stays.


Okay bye.

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