Ask your grandpa, can I have his hand-me-downs?

It’s no secret that my favorite pastime is thrifting.

Thanks Macklemore for writing my anthem.

I went a little earlier this week. I really wanted to go see Catching Fire, but my mom made me promise I would wait and go with her… so wait I shall. I just can’t hardly wait!!! I have been watching the trailer to get myself all pumped up.

But anyway, I got up early on Friday and fixed myself a hearty breakfast.

tofu scramI love love love tofu scramble. It is the easiest breakfast. I love making a big batch early in the week and then just reheating it each morning. And of course, tempeh bacon is the bomb. I realize there’s more scramble on the plate than on the sandwich. Whatever, it all ended up in my belly.

Once I finished, I headed out. I was on the hunt for quality nick-knacks and possibly some stuff to hang on the walls. The walls in our apartment are super barren, and since we just renewed the lease, I’m thinking it’s time to get my decorating on.

But alas, all I found was a bunch of super-weird kitschy stuff.

Like this gem.

bathroomYup. That woman is flexible, fashionable, and creative.

Then there was this guy.

petsI really think this came from the same house as the dryer lady. I’m sure Bob would approve.

pot of beansI felt like this pot of beans was perfect for a vegan. But Alex would have, no doubt, made me return it. Also we’re out of counter space in the kitchen. Also it was really dirty on the inside.

I ended up hitting up rag-o-rama which is an Atlanta staple (but apparently they also have one in Ohio and one in Arizona? Weird…). They buy and sell ‘gently used clothes,’ and typically only of the hipster variety, so it’s basically a really fancy thrift store with a lot of clothes that make me ask myself, “Am I cool enough to pull this off?”

I found an amazing brown jacket, with a little faux fur trim on the collar. I love it. And I didn’t take a picture of it. And I’m wearing my PJ’s right now…so I’m sorry. I will take a picture later.

I’m proud of me for making a second post, here’s hoping for a third, fourth, and so on. In case I’m not back on here before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving!

In the Swing of Things

Hello everyone! Hello internet! Hello Mom! Hello me, rereading this for the 100th time!

I have been away from blogging from quite some time.

Well, that’s not even close to true. I have been dutifully reading all my old favorites, discovering way too many new favorites, and filling up my feedly with recipes that I MUST try out. And outfits that I love and want to wear. And DIY projects I need to do. I’ve been busy.

Really, I have been busy with work. It’s very hard to explain, so I’ll just say that I’m on call 24/7/365, and I never know what my schedule will be. I could get called in to work this afternoon. I could get called in to work tonight. Or tomorrow morning…you get the picture.

That has definitely kept me away from the blog for a while. Also, even though I didn’t have a huge readership, or cookbook, or my own domain name, or anything fancy at all….I felt a lot of pressure. From who? Myself. I felt like I needed to create all these recipes, because a lot of the bloggers I love do that. They create new recipes for me and you to try. But thinking about it, I also love a lot of bloggers that share what they eat/do, showing readers where to find the recipe (be it a cookbook or a magazine or another blog). And I think that is the niche that I belong in. I’m creative, sure, but a lot of what I make and eat is from a cookbook or a magazine or a blog. I make dinner up a lot, but it’s usually a simple simple simple meal, like a stir-fry or a salad or steamed veggies with bbq tofu/tempeh. (We eat that last one probably once a week in this household). So, I’m back at it, but I can’t promise anything original. But then again “There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” See what I mean? Marie Antoinette waxed poetic on these same thoughts over 200 years ago.

So, in food news, we’ve been trying to eat well lately. I went to the Atlanta Veg Fest (which was amazing!!!!) and ended up volunteering in the speaker room while Victoria Moran gave her talk. I loved every word she said, from “honorary legumes” to “voluntary minority” and at the end I felt reminded of part of the reason that I am vegan. She spoke about the wonderful wide world of vegetables and being able to eat so many things, simply from veggies and grains and spices and legumes that there was really no need for the over-processed foods we feed ourselves. Yes, sometimes you’re like, I really want food, but I don’t feel like doing anything, so I’ll just heat up this Amy’s Pizza. Or, if you’re like me, you’re like, I think I’ll have a few of these maple bacon potato chips and then you end up eating the entire bag. I mean, nothing is wrong with any of that stuff, so long as it is occasional. Or in moderation.

I’m no health expert or life coach or nutritionist, but I do love food. I know that those foods I listed (and the rest of the list….Oreos! Purely Decadent Turtle Tracks! Frozen burritos!) are convenient, and yummy, and vegan…but that doesn’t mean we should fill our plate with them at every meal, every day. Moran said at Vegfest (and I believe that she was quoting her book, Main Street Vegan), “‘Make your plate look like a Christmas tree, mostly green with splashes of other bright colors.”

So with that in mind, we’ve been trying to eat well.

We had sweet potato tacos last week for dinner. Super yummy. And I made cashew sour cream instead of using Tofutti (even though we had some in the fridge).

Sweet potato tacosThey were so yummy, just spicy enough, super filling, and quick.

Today for lunch I’m having a big salad.

Big SaladI just mixed together kale and red cabbage, tossed it with some tahini and balsamic vinegar, and topped it all off with apple slices, smoked tofu, and pomegranate tendrils. I was starving after running around all morning. Which is why Rhett and I are going to spend the rest of the day just hanging around. I mean, who could resist this face…

rhett sleepy face

This past week; or, the benefits of working third shift.

So my new job is working out well. I’m learning a whole lot, I’m meeting so many new people, and I’m getting to spend more time in the city.

I’m also working different shifts every two weeks.

First shift= woof. Like, majorly, horribly, hate your life woof. 4 AM? That is not a time that anyone should be waking up. And I made the mistake (as those of you on twitter saw) of riding the bus for the majority of my first shift training.

Third shift started Monday, and it has taken some getting used to. I go in to work at 10 PM and leave at 6 AM. I fight sleep on the drive home, and then conk out until 2 PM. Sure, my day’s shifted back a little, but once I get up at two, I have the whole day to eat and play and go to the gym(?) and do whatever. It’s nice.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:


























We can wrap things up with this, which is not worth your time, but might lead to things that are in the future.

Just kidding, we’ll end on this glorious note.

Off to third shift!

Sweet success.

I did it!

I made vegan cinnamon rolls!

The last cinnamon roll I had was probably in sophomore year of college. And it came from a can. Hello Pillsbury!

I used Mama Pea’s recipe from her cookbook, Peas and Thank You, but you can also find the recipe here on her blog.

We didn’t have any blackberries, so I used blueberries. Still good. So good. Someone please come take these away from me.

Can’t. Stop. Eating.

I’m having a lazy day. I’m on first shift again next week, which means I have to leave the house by 4:40 AM to make it on the horrendous lovely and wonderful bus.

I had an idea last week: What Not To Wear Takes Over The CCT Buses. I’d call the overall style of my fellow bus riders creative. Stacy and Clinton would call it other things. It’d make some seriously good TV.

I did make a little coffee treat to have alongside my cinnamon rolls.

I just mixed 8 oz. of coffee with a Tbs each of cocoa powder and coconut milk, then poured it over ice. Yum! Happy Sunday to me indeed!

Now it’s time to kick my feet up and lounge about.

Rhett agrees. He’s lounge-tastic.